Update   February 2019

Hi and Welcome to MGC MotoRS UK

As many already know, we have been restoring and selling RS Fords for over 37 years. Established in 1981, we have been a member of the RS Owners Club since 1984 where some of the finest examples of the Ford RS range can be found. Starting out near Redhill Aerodrome in Surrey, then to our current premises near Brighton in Sussex.

MGC MotoRS soon became MGC MotoRS UK after restoring Mk1,  MK2,  Mk3, 4, 5 Ford RS Escorts and Ford RS Sapphire Cosworths from Scotland, Ireland, Channel Islands Guernsey and Jersey, Netherlands and as far away as the USA and sending parts worldwide.

Although we started off by restoring all classic vehicles, we soon specialized in the Ford RS Range. We have restored many show winning cars and, from having fully restored over 100 RS Fords, repaired and worked on  many others we have gained a huge amount of knowledge and experience over the years.

We have been advertising since 1984, first in the Ford RS Owners Club Rallye Magazine, then additionally in the first  Redline Magazine,  Performance Ford,  Retro Ford,  Classic Cars For sale,  and now Classic Ford where we are currently. We are also in the RS Faster Fords book by Jeremy Walton.


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