Current Projects

Update  24 January 2018

On this page you will find a list of some of our recent projects. This page is updated regularly so please check back often.

MK 2 RS 2000





Ford Escort S1-Turbo    completed and back with owner in Guernsey, Channel Islands.


MK 2 Ford Escort RS2000

1979 Escort RS2000 has been carefully and sympathetically restored. We have replaced the inner wings, outer wings, slam panel, D panels and cross member panel with all genuine Ford panels. Before the panels are fitted the chassis legs are sand blasted and coated in zinc to prevent any corrosion inside of the chassis legs once the inner wings have been fitted. Just one example of our attention to detail. This RS2000 has been finished to Ford Factory Standard.    Back with owner.


Ford Escort MK2 Mexico.


Attention given eveywhere even area’s covered with carpet.


They look just great when all the underside is striped, cleaned and painted.

Escort MK2  Mexico

1978 RS Mexico has undergone extensive correction and restoration work. This is a beautiful Signal Yellow RS Mexico and looked just stunning when it was completed.     Finished and back with owner.

MK 5 Ford Escort RS2000

1992 RS2000 MK5   in for welding and panel work.       Finished and now back with owner.

MK2 Ford Escort Harrier

Body and engine work, Finished and back with owner.

1967 Triumph Spitfire

Total rebuild, Finished.

1969  MGB GT

Total rebuild, Finished.

RS 2000 MK2 Base Model

RS 2000 MK2  Custom  Black  2017

Complete  restoration – awaiting vinyl  to be fitted.        Finished and back with owner.



Collin Stones stunning S1-Turbo in for work.   Back with owner.



Collin Pauls brilliant MK1  in for some TLC!  Back with owner.



July 25 2016  Ford Escort RS2000 MK2       Back with owner.   Photos to be loaded soon.